General Rules & Regulations

1. The students must be punctual and regular in attending classes.
2. They should come to the college decently attired.
3. The students must observe the college notice board everyday and comply, failing which the college authority will not be responsible for any inconvenience faced by term.
4. The students conduct should be disciplined and dignified within and outside the college premises. They are prohibited from doing anything which will hinder the normal working of the college.
5. A student will be liable to disciplinary action for violation of any rules as provided under the rules of discipline of the University of North Bengal.
6. The student shall take proper care of the college furniture and other properties.
7. The students must keep the college premises clean and maintain sanctity of the college.
8. A student admitted into one subject may change to any other subject within one month from the date of commencement of classes with an application in writing to the Principal in prescribed proforma to be collected from the college office, subject to the availability of seats in that particular subject and fulfillment of other criteria of admission.
9. The name of a student will be struck off from the roll if he/she does not attend the classes within 10 days from the commencement of classes.
10. The student will be declare non-collegiate if they fail to attend at least 75% of the total classes in each subject and will be declared dis-collegiate if they fail to attened at least 65% of total classes held per subject during the total academic year. In such case they will not be allowed to sit for the final examination.
11. The college does not take responsibility for letters, money orders etc. sent to the students. There should be sent to their residential address.
12. All students must have a college Identity Card, which they must carry with them within the college premises and outside.
13. The students, by the very fact of being admitted in the college, are obliged to follow all rules, regulations and traditions.
14. The students are not allowed to use the college telephone, although the incoming messages may be delivered to them in emergency cases.
15. The use of cell phone is strictly prohibited within the college campus.
16. The student and his guardian will have to sign an affidavit relating to curbing the menance of ragging.
17. In matters not mentioned above, the decision of the Principal or the college authority shall be final and binding on the students.