Admission Related Rules

1. Each Honours students will have to take two other General subjects and General students three combination subjects.
2. The Honours students will not be allowed to take Elective Bengali or Elective English.
3. No student will be allowed to take up more than one of the following subjects:
(a)Elective Bengali, (b) Elective English.
4. A student willing to take Geography as combination subject must have Geography in H.S. or equivalent examination.
5. Admission to courses would be subject to availability of seats. Admission to all Honours Courses will be based strictly on merit shall be calculated as per the following formula. Merit = 2S+T/6
T = Marks obtained in English + Marks obtained in the subject opted for Honours + best marks of other two subjects excluding EVS and the subject opted for Honours.
S = Marks obtained in the subject opted for Honours . If the candidate does not have the specific subject opted for Honours in his/her previous course, the procedure for Merit calculation will be as follows.
Merit = T1/4
T1 = Marks obtained in English + best of other three subjects excluding EVS.
This procedure is also applicable in case of General Course.
6. No Honours students will be allowed to take Geography as general subjects.
7. All admission are provisional until confirmed by the University.
Admission of any candidate in contravention of the university regulations and restriction, or in contravention of any rules framed by the college authorities, even though detected afterwards, shall be cancelled without reference and the candidates will not be entitled to fess already paid to the college.
8. No student will be admitted to the college in any course unless he/she has passed at least in four subjects with English as a compulsory subject as per the statute of the University of North Bengal regarding admission.
9. Admission form will be cancelled if not properly filled in or if any wrong or misleading information is given by the candidate.
10. The names of the Candidates Selected for admission will be notified on college Notice board from time. Claim to admission shall be forfeited if admission is not taken within fixed hour of the specified date.